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Latest News

Time Off…
Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

To any of my readers who might be stopping by to see what I’ve been up to…I’m afraid you won’t find much at the current time. I’ve taken a sabbatical from writing for a short time (I hope!) and will post updates as they happen. If you want to keep in touch, I’m staying active on social media and you can find me on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

On the fourth Marisela book, which some of you have written to me about. It is not finished, but I am committed to writing the best story I can. I won’t put out a book that isn’t worth whatever price I put on the cover…and frankly, even if I were to offer it for free, I’d still want it to be worth your time. Please bear with me…I will be back!

Big News, Part 2!
Friday, December 5th, 2014

I have a new book! This project came out of the blue…I had a chance to write a story in Stephanie Bond’s BODY MOVERS world (Body Movers, 2 Bodies for the Price of 1, 3 Men and a Body, etc.) for Amazon’s sanctioned fan fiction project, Kindle Worlds. I’m a huge fan of this series, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

With LogosThe result is BODY OF WORK, a novella (about 100 pages) featuring Stephanie’s ultra-popular characters, Maria Marquez and Cooper Craft. It’s priced at $1.99…and though I’m using someone else’s characters, I guarantee you this book is all me. Mystery, action, emotion, sex…there has to be sex! All wrapped up in a satisfying read. I hope you’ll check out more by clicking HERE or you can purchase HERE.

Should you read Stephanie’s books before mine, if you haven’t already? You don’t have to. But I think after reading it, you’ll want to!

The book is only available through Amazon, but you can download a free Kindle app for your computer, tablet or smartphone HERE.

More news to come soon…

Big News, Part 1!
Sunday, November 30th, 2014

In the next couple of days, I will be uploading a lot of news to my website. If you’re subscribed to the site, you’ll be getting alerts…please forgive that there will be so many! Probably three. I didn’t expect so much to happen in such a short time!

Here’s the first:

My short story, “How You Remind Me” is appearing in a brand new collection that is available for pre-order NOW!

Heroes to Swoon For_3d_Medium

The collection is CHOCK FULL of contemporary romance novels…and I was even asked to write the foreword! You can read more about it and connect to pre-order links at the dedicated website, HEROESTOSWOONFOR.COM.

And the best part? The WHOLE collection will be on sale for only .99!! Even if you already read my story, it will be worth it to buy for the others.

Don’t miss it!

Friday, August 1st, 2014

I am SO excited to announce that the fourth book in the Phantom series, PHANTOM PROMISE, is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (Kobo and iTunes to come!)


You can read all about it by clicking HERE!

A quick note…the book is both a prequel and a sequel. The prologue and epilogue take place immediately after the events of KISS OF THE PHANTOM, but the meat of the story…all thirty plus chapters…transports readers into the past, when the character you know as Paschal from the original trilogy (but now known by his real name, Paxton Forsyth) meets Jeannette Rousseau, the woman who sets him free and helps him on a path to find his brothers.

The book takes place in a time that has been romanticized in books and on screen: during World War II, in unoccupied France and among the freedom fighters called the maquis in the book, though most of us know them as the French Resistance. I had an amazing time researching every aspect of this piece of history and it has given me a strong appreciation for the writers of historical romance! If you don’t normally read historicals, please give my book a chance…I did my best to keep it as contemporary in style as possible (that is who I am!) but as I am a great lover of historical romances, I ventured into their waters with great respect and care. I hope you enjoy the results!

**Please note that the low price of this book, only $2.99 for a brand-new, full-length book, is available for a limited time. I’ve also put the first trilogy/boxed set on sale for only .99 in case you wanted to go back and read it again or perhaps share the news with your friends! I can’t wait to hear what you think about this book…please leave honest reviews at Amazon or Barnes & Noble and/or drop me a line!

Click HERE to buy from Amazon/Kindle
Click HERE to buy from Barnes & Noble/Nook
Click HERE to buy from Kobo

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Over the past year, many of you have discovered my Phantom Series, which I began writing in 2007. I re-released the three-book series in 2011, with the advent of digital publishing and then released a special collection of all three books last year, which has proved a great way to find new readers for this romantic, magical series.

If you’ve come to my website looking for more information about this series…here it is. PHANTOM PROMISE, the next full-length book in the series, will be out soon!

Here’s a peak at the cover…



I don’t have an official release date, but I expect it will be out no later than June 1st, though hopefully sooner. Please subscribe to my newsletter or to this webpage to be the first to know when it is for sale!

New Releases for 2014!
Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Happy new year, fellow romance lovers!

2013 was a year of experimentation for me, writing wise. I released my first (and probably last!) novel in three parts. While it was fun to do and it allowed me to get my work into your hands more quickly, there were overall challenges that didn’t outweigh the advantages. Oh, well…live and learn! To begin this new year, I’ve taken the three novellas and combined them into ONE FULL-LENGTH NOVEL with a brand new cover that fits with my new look!


A sexy suspense spin-off to the DIRTY and DARE ME series…The Rescue, The Reveal & The Reckoning all in one book!

Captivity has never been so hot and steamy…

Former CIA operative Sean Devlin, shanghaied and forced to endure weeks of torture, has a choice to make. Give up the location of his ex-lover—who is dead—or die. Luckily for him, a guardian angel comes to his rescue. But will she save him or lead him deeper into danger?

Security specialist Brynn Blake rarely gets her hands dirty, but when she rescues a spy with a sought-after secret, she learns that he holds the key to her future. Should she trust the mystery man who sent her on this dangerous mission or Sean, who is slowly slipping into the fortified confines of her heart?


I hope you’ll take a look!

Also in 2014, I will be revisiting my two favorite series…my Phantoms and Marisela’s Dirty series. Both books are in production and release dates will be announced soon! For a sneak peek of the next Phantom book, titled PHANTOM PROMISE, click here! There’s even an excerpt!

With the closing of the Plotmonkey blog, the best way to keep in touch with me is via Facebook, Twitter or by subscribing to my newsletter. (If you received this update in your newsfeed, it’s because you’ve subscribed to my website. Thank you!) All my contact information is on my CONTACT PAGE. Happy reading!

Hot New Look!
Sunday, August 18th, 2013

In anticipation of the upcoming (Winter 2013) release of TALK DIRTY TO ME, the fourth installment in my sexy-suspense “Dirty” series starring ex-gang girl, Marisela Morales, the series has a whole new look, thanks to cover artist Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs. Here’s the cover of Book 1, DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS!


Click here to see the updated covers of Lies and Christmas!

NEW RELEASE – Extra Heat for the End of Summer!
Sunday, August 4th, 2013

The sexy suspense started with Dirty Dare: The Rescue…now Brynn & Sean are back, kicking up the heat to the next level in Dirty Dare: The Reveal (Part Two)! Only .99 for your Kindle or your Nook!


Ex-spy Sean Devlin has survived torture and betrayal, but when he goes off the grid with security specialist, Brynn Blake, his lone wolf status is tested. He’s lost one lover because of lies and double-crosses. Can he risk losing another?

Brynn never banked on falling for Sean so hard. He’s everything she’s never wanted—and everything she needs. He makes her feel safe and alive, even as the sins from his past draw her deeper into a world of danger and lies.

His secrets make him irresistible, but will the shocking truth draw them closer or rip them apart?

This serialized novel of sexy romantic suspense blends the ultra-hot sexuality of DARE ME with the gritty suspense of the DIRTY series, starring Marisela Morales. Don’t miss out on the hot, dangerous fun!

CLICK HERE to read an excerpt

Have a Kindle or Kindle App? CLICK HERE to buy!

Have a Nook or Nook App? CLICK HERE to buy!

————–DIRTY DARE: THE RESCUE (PART ONE) is also now available for the Nook! CLICK HERE to start the serialized novel from the beginning!

If you missed THE RESCUE on your Kindle, CLICK HERE!

Great news for NOOK readers…
Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

First the first time ever (and for a limited time!), all three of my DIRTY books are available for download at Barnes & Noble. If you have a Nook or know someone who has one, the time to buy is now! The books are priced at .99 each. Dirty Little Secrets will go off-sale on June 10th in order for me to run a special promotion with Amazon.

Thanks and happy reading!

Check out the Dirty books for Nook HERE

Amazon links: HERE

Two Series Come Together!
Saturday, April 6th, 2013


Back in 2004, I wrote a novella for Penguin books called, “Dare to Desire.” It introduced a world of sexy spies who worked for the Arm, a super-secret division of the CIA and T-45, a rogue organization that did the kind of espionage work that even governments didn’t want to touch. I loved that world and wanted to write more in it, but my career went in another direction…

Until now.

Independent publishing has given me a chance to explore that world again–and to marry it into the DIRTY series, starring my intrepid and kick-ass security specialist, Marisela Morales. The result is my new series: DIRTY DARE.

There will be three installments this year and the first, THE RESCUE, is available now at Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app. It’s a short story (just under 100 pages) priced at .99. It stars Marisela’s boss, Brynn Blake, and a mysterious former spy named Sean Devlin, who’s been kidnapped and tortured for information he does not have.

Check it out today!



**If you read on the Nook, stay tuned for news for you in my newsletter next week!